Face the Light

I love Easter. Despite not being a Christian, it’s a Holy Day for me. The theme of resurrection, rebirth, and beginning anew all inspire me. This year I rolled the stone away and let myself come out of my self-placed tomb a little bit.

Making space spiritually in my life, I took the time yesterday to unsubscribe from several feeds. I cleaned up my friends list on Facebook. I deleted old voice-mail messages I don’t really need anymore. Today I deleted e-mails. It’s time to make space. The things I was holding on to for sweetness aren’t sweet anymore. They soured from being left out unattended.

Going through the emails, I found the following. I wrote this awhile back.

I will stand, chest split open, heart facing the sun and allow you to break it again and again. This is my vow to the world. To lean so deep into love that I know every time I feel the pain, I must have been leaning just far enough to experience something real.

My chest may be split open, but I am standing and facing the Light of the sun.

Is that how Jesus of Nazareth felt? Chest split open, facing the sun, willing to love again and again despite the pain and threat of death? Was it this willingness that made him the Christ?

I don’t believe Jesus was born of a virgin, the only son of God, here to die for our sins. I do believe Jesus was a light-bringer, a Messiah, a prophet, a man who was willing to stand with his chest split open, facing the sun, leaning into love again and again.

This time is rich with magick. The newness of Spring, the balance of the Equinox, and the re-birthing and resurrection of Easter. All have me looking at my life and asking what is out of balance? What needs left in the tomb, discarded and what must walk out into the sun? What needs to be reborn? This is the time of Aries, ruling the first house, the house of Self. The Reading of the Book of the Law, reminding me that LOVE is the ultimate boundary in all thing. Love is the law.

These thoughts may seem disjointed. They are still coming together. I am still making room to grow, to emerge, to be reborn. I am still learning about Self and Love and Will. I am still reaching for the Light.

Believe more deeply.
Hold your face up to the Light.
Even though for the moment,
You do not see.

from AA Daily Reflections


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