We Are Glass

“We are shaped by the light we let through us”

I was moved to tears and prayer yesterday when I heard Thompson Square’s song “We Are Glass” come on the radio. The lyrics paint the picture of risk when two people start a relationship, but also describe the human fragility and how quickly we can break. So many memories flood my mind each time I read these lyrics.

My daughter and I are moving to a new place, right now a place unknown to us. We prepare to leave our only home, this land that has held us both, and the roots here that sometimes feed and sometimes strangle. We pack our things. We give away what we no longer need. We prepare our rucksack like the Fool, heading out for a journey to parts unknown, we aren’t even clear on what we should bring. We are setting out on faith.

As I listen to the song again this morning I smile thinking about how my last relationship was both something shining and something that shattered. For months I’ve been picking up those pieces. They still glitter. Sometimes something shatters and you can never repair it back the way it was, but you can take the still beautiful pieces and put together a mosaic. A new piece of art that appreciates the breaks, lets the light on in, and stands as something new. The most powerful line in the song, “We are shaped by the light we let through us.”

I feel flooded with light. The holy light of the Sun shining on me as Venus made her way across the sun brought with it a healing for my broken heart. It brought with it a pathway to see love as something you give freely without attachment to outcome and you allow that love to take the shape it takes without ego trying to push it in any direction. The light on my face as I allow myself to wonder, dreaming of the salt on my skin as I dip my toes in ocean water on a Florida beach. The light of the Universe reminding me I am a child of earth and starry heaven, holy and complete unto myself. The light that radiates from my best-friend’s smile and voice as she cheers me on. The light I touch just thinking about a friend who I have spent little time with, yet feel soul-fully connected to. I am being shaped anew with every breath.

I have become broken; fractured by love, by life, and by light.  It is a powerfully holy place to stand.  As I set out on a new journey, my fool-sack on my back, I know I can create anything I desire.  I see beauty in the breaking.  I know what has brought me here, what has split my world open, has been preparing me to finally stand fully in the Light of who I am.  Every piece shines when the light hits it just right.  I am taking up my pieces, treasures that they are, and building a masterpiece.


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