Fall Equinox Swim

Fall Equinox, the first Holy Day in my new home here in Florida, was marked a bit early tonight.  A woman at church/work extended an invitation to her home for dinner to “celebrate the equinox.”   The only things I knew about her was that she is the board President and a Pagan.  I accepted, knowing pushing myself to network with others is what I need right now and that it would feel good to mark the Holy Day if only by a shared meal.  The Fall Equinox ceremony, for me, has largely been about breaking bread with others.

I immediately felt a little embarrassed when I realized she intended to provide the entire meal and asked me what my dietary restrictions are.  Right now there are pretty serious.  I sent them to her and she happily came up with something quick and easy that would be a nice meal.  We had roasted chicken, salad with a light fig flavored oil dressing, and plantains.  It was delicious.

I am so grateful I went.  As the evening unfolded it became clear I was in the company of another witch and one who walked her talk.  After our meal we did some candle magick to invoke balance in whatever areas of our life we wished.  I taught her the triple soul alignment from my tradition and she shared the bits of magick on her altar, telling the story of her croning and the items her friends gave her.  Then, we went into the middle of her cul-de-sac with our little bowl of candles to sit in the very center and lit sparklers and danced around until they went out.

Just when I thought it was coming to an end, she said, “How would you like to go for a swim?  I know a place where we can skinny dip and it’s totally private.”  We went to her friend’s house, currently sitting empty and up for sale and dove naked into the big beautiful pool surrounded by trees on three sides. It was my daughter’s first time to skinny dip.  She was quite certain she didn’t want to until we got there, upon seeing  the water she changed her mind!  We swam for well over an hour, talking about life, magick, community, practice and integrity.  I feel I may have found a friend.

So, on the eve before the Fall Equinox I broke bread with a stranger, cast a spell for more balance and harmony for myself and others, and swam naked under the dark velvet night sky.


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