Day 5 SettleDear Weight Watchers,

I AM happy now.  The implication from your cover that the only way to be happy is to lose weight is disgusting to me. Our happiness isn’t going to come from a number on the scale or a smaller dress size.  Trust me, I know.  I did your program once and was a “success” story.  I lost 100 pounds in less than a year. I never found happiness though.  It wasn’t until I got off the diet wagon and started working on loving myself and being present to my life that I found any kind of happiness. Am I thin? No, not at all, but I am happy. Incidentally, I am also healthier having stopped eating a diet of fat free foods and learned to nourish my body properly and with more love.



Refuse to settle.  Refuse to buy in to the ad campaigns that tell you there is something wrong with you, that you should be smaller, wear this lipstick, drive this car, buy those shoes. These are lies.  You can follow the ad formula, chase down the magazine promises and you won’t be any closer to happiness than you are right now. Happiness is not something you can buy.  It isn’t the result of a really good tummy tuck.  The kind of happiness achieved from weight loss or finding the perfect dress for Friday night is fleeting.  It isn’t the kind of happiness that springs from within you.  Don’t we all deserve the kind of happiness that cannot be bought or sold away?  I think so.

This kind of happiness with what is doesn’t mean you can’t improve your health, dropdont-settle some unwanted pounds, or buy those cute shoes. I just think it’s important to know the difference between the brief joy you feel from those things and true happiness.  So settle?  No thanks. I won’t settle and I hope you won’t either.  Keep questioning the “shoulds” coming at us whether from ourselves or headlines on magazines.

There is a simple truth. You are amazing.  You are a spark of the divine. You deserve happiness.  Don’t settle for anything less than the real thing.


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