“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”
SocratesEye age 10

Children are full of wonder from the moment they open their eyes. It’s delightful to watch a baby’s eyes widen in fascination of car keys jingling or the sight of some shiny bauble. The wonder only grows as they begin to talk, to imagine, to play in ways where we can join them. This wonder is contagious. We find ourselves creating worlds with them as we build forts and explore woods. As they come more into the age of reason our own wonder increases.  We wonder, who will this person become?

My daughter has declared she will be a singer, an actress, a reporter, a lawyer, the President, a merchandiser, a boss, a waitress, and a construction worker.  This is just a few of the careers she has tried on. Who will she be?  It is a mystery.

Olivia Alien FutureRecently she’s been really in to Dr. Who. She tells me maybe she used to be something unique, something not yet discovered but the last of her kind.  She says this with complete seriousness though we both know this is a description of the Doctor. I don’t doubt her. There has always been something exotic and alien about her, something otherworldly.

Perhaps it is just the raw nature all children possess before our society teaches them to close the door on it.

“How beautiful is the black lascivious purity in the hearts of children and wild animals…” – Victor Anderson


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