Love, Spirit, Live

I am playing a little bit of catch up with the Lenten photo a day project.  So here are my photos for the past several days.

Day 9:  LOVE

Day 9 LoveI believe we were put on this earth to BE love.  It seems we spend so much time trying to get love rather than trying to just be love.  This has been one of my lessons in the last year to just be love.  Let love radiate from within me out to everything else.

This doesn’t mean the desire for romantic love is wrong.  It is natural and beautiful.   I think we would better serve our purposes in finding this kind of love if we would first cultivate the Beloved Within.  The first step to this in my mind is to focus on being love.


Day 10:  SPIRITDay 10 Spirit

This is my 7 pointed star pendent.  I wear this symbol nearly every day as a symbol of my spiritual tradition.  Each point on the star represents a Guardian and a direction – north, east, south, west, above, below, and center.  This is my touchstone to my spiritual practice and my spiritual beliefs.  The blue tint represent blue fire – the hottest part of the flame.


Day 11 - LiveDay 11: LIVE

When I got pregnant with my daughter Olivia I had been suffering from a pretty severe depression.  Her father and I were practically homeless, living in a one room building on my grandparent’s property.  I had been laid off and he was only working part time.  I slept nearly all day in addition to sleeping at night.  I was passively suicidal.  I did not want to be alive.

Then I find out I am pregnant  We decided to move forward with the pregnancy.  I had wanted to have a child when we first got married, now 2 years into the marriage I was finally pregnant. This was the spark that pulled me out of my depression and quite literally out of bed.

I call my daughter “Liv” because she made me want to live. She gave me hope and a reason to rise to be a better version of myself.  She still does.






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